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An IT&T company (ITNT Group) provides end-to-end business solutions and we know first-hand implementing new business technology entails several key ingredients for a successful roll-out. When technology is not implemented correctly it can create operational issues and financial loss. The key to ITNT Group is bringing together key ingredients which make a successful consultation and implementation of technology requirements.

Our consultation and implementation phases when delivering technology solutions has proven to minimise resistance to change and empower businesses to embrace upgrades to technology.

Telecommunications and Cloud PBX
Leading the way to new customer engagement

Streamline your telecommunications system by redefining how customers reach and engage your business. A common discussion amongst clients is how does telecommunications improve business efficiency and operations? As part of any company’s infrastructure, telecommunications services are an integral component of day-to-day functionality, so is your business taking full advantage of today’s technology?

Effective use of our telecommunication services and integrated cloud PBX solutions can result in a variety of benefits and cost savings for businesses. From cutting business travel expenses by utilising intelligent phone-video conferencing and eliminating excessive call roaming costs with cloud desktop-mobile applications, today’s businesses are reducing expenses, increasing efficiency and redefining how they utilise telecommunications offered by ITNT Group.

POS Software and Hardware
Data empowers business

Let the POS do the talking and empower your business data with customer engagement tools and accurate reporting. Point of sale systems have become an integral part of any business proven to increase efficiency, encourage clearer decision making and provide significant return on investment.

Too many businesses spend endless hours consolidating orders, receipts and payments when they should be concentrating on growing business. Reducing time wastage, minimising order processing errors and collecting valuable client data are all benefits of deploying the right POS solution for your business.

But once you have the data, what to do with it? ITNT Group can help you understand business POS reports and provide intelligent marketing modules to target your customer directly from POS systems.

Three important factors that make up a successful POS system include hardware, software and operating environment. These factors are interlinked and crucial to increase the success of your business.

Online Store and Shopping Cart
Online traffic to online customers

Convert online traffic to real business and provide a responsive online ordering system and shopping cart with ease of use. Many businesses spend endless marketing dollars ensuring their website is one of the first results when someone searches for their product. But what happens when this customer visits.

ITNT Group have rolled out an effective web-based shopping cart that helps businesses take their product online and reach a wider audience. Our sole aim is to simply help convert your online traffic to online business by providing customers a simplistic method of buying your product online without the fuss.

Partner with technology and contact ITNT Group today for a business consultation. Start redefining your business with innovative technology solutions.

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