Telecommunication and technology

Leading the way to New Customer

Streamline your telecommunications system by redefining.
how customers reach and engage your business

Retail Therapy

Big POS solutions for small business

Data Empowers business

Let the POS do the talking and empower your business data with.
customer engagement tools and accurate reporting.

Abstract Services

CRM and web systems

Concentrate on Business and not

Close more business with proven Web and Crm systems that help
your business become more customer-focused and productive.

Menu Grub

More than online orders

Online Traffic to Online

Convert online traffic to real business and provide a responsive
online ordering system and shopping cart with ease of use.

About ITNT Group

ITNT Group is a well-established information technology and telecommunications consulting company with impressive turnkey solutions and service guarantees. Our goal is to simply provide honest guidance enabling our clients to make the best decisions for their business.

Every day we use our industry insight, technological vision and innovative thinking to implement technology solutions that provide return on investment. That’s how we enable our clients to reach their full potential and accelerate their business.

ITNT Group is a truly independent information technology and telecommunications company and our expertise is appreciated when it comes to driving your business with proven technology solutions.. Read more


ITNT Group delivers on all its promises… We believe that our ability to provide the right solution, system and service for each client is never the same, and that’s what makes us different. Our clients value our service because we take time to understand there business needs, so why not hear what they have to say first hand.

“ITNT Group has been an integral member of the Waminda Bakery family. Our POS and telecommunication system allows us to react quickly to operational requirements by providing the functionality to easily manage systems across multiple sites.”

—– Darren Neilson, Waminda Bakery NSW

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